Python in a map reduce environment

I have written a very small python programme that follows the mapper / reducer sequence. This works as a replacement of a more complicated set of Java programmes that might be created to generate a mapper / reducer sequence. The idea is relatively simple. We create a stream from an input file. That stream is… Read More »

Three little handy Oracle statements

I have three little Oracle statements that I us quite often. I realise I use these statements in most programmes I write. But at the same time, I often forget the exact syntax. Therefore this entry in this blog. It will act as a look-up whenever I once again forgot the precise syntax. The first… Read More »

Reading XML in Oracle -3

I now have a project where I need to write the content of an XML file into an Oracle table. The idea is actually quite simple. An XML file might be seen as a document that had an hierachical structure. It is composed of several seperate subdocuments, that could be seen as several trees.  … Read More »

Connect from 32 bit environment to 64 Oracle instance

One may retrieve the version of Oracle with a simple command: “select * from v$version;”. One may then see that the Oracle instance is a 64 bit version. In my case, the full version name is “Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production”. Once this is known, one may ask whether it… Read More »

Create a report with BI Publisher

One could create reports within the OBIEE sphere with the analytics. Another possibility is to use the BI Publisher. This option has several advantages. One advantage is that one choose between a direct query on the database or use the route via the creating of a subject area. I can see advantages using a direct… Read More »

Bash script to upload file

In many environment, we have a situation whereby a file must be transmitted via a script from one server to another. Assume we have a linux environment where Bash is installed. In that case, a sftp connection can be used. The principle is relatively simple: a sftp session is started from one machine to another.… Read More »

Reading XML in Oracle -2

Loading XML into Oracle might require some SQLLDR code. Of course, the standard insert is a possibility, but this might be slow if many XML files are to be loaded. From publications, I got the idea that the SQLLDR is the most recommended tool to do it. It does require some time and tuning but… Read More »

Reading XML in Oracle -1

As a first example on how to read an XML file, I show how an XML file can be read with a PLSQL programme. The logic is quite simple. We know that XML can be declared as an XMLtype. Once that is known, we declare the full XML file as an object that is read… Read More »

An Oracle Programme with a loop

This programme creates an Oracle procedure. This Oracle programme has a loop. Within that loop, one record is read from a table. The content of that record is used within the loop. I want to retain this programme for future usage. I tend to forget how such a table is created within a cursor and… Read More »

Everything is SQL – the story of OBIEE

As one can imagine, SQL is the main engine to start loading a report in OBIEE. In principle, one has two kinds of queries. One query runs against the Oracle DBMS. This is the physical query that we know from any Oracle client. It can be found on the main main. Choose New > Analysis… Read More »