Joining files by Scala

In this note, I will provide another script to join two files. The files are foo and bar. They contain lines whereby the elements are separated by a bar (|). One example of such line is 1|110. So the first step is to split the lines. Then the file is indexed on one element. Subsequently, it can be joined.
As a final step, the results are shown.
The code looks like:

var fooTable = sc.textFile("/user/prut/foo")
var barTable = sc.textFile("/user/prut/bar")
var fooSplit = => line.split('|'))
var fooKeyed = fooSplit.keyBy(cells => cells(0))
var barSplit = => line.split('|'))
var barKeyed = barSplit.keyBy(cells => cells(0))
var joinValues = fooKeyed.join(barKeyed)

The result looks like

res0: Array[(String, (Array[String], Array[String]))] = 
Array((2,(Array(2, 108),Array(2, 98))), 
(3,(Array(3, 104),Array(3, 101))), 
(1,(Array(1, 110),Array(1, 96))))