Installing on new versions of an OS

I regularly install Oracle. In most cases, such installation is straightforward. Start the setup, provide a few data and click next, next, and next. Half an hour later, one has a fresh instance running. However, I recently got an error when installing Oracle 12c, version 2: installation was stopped as an error was encountered. This error puzzled me. I got some suggestions to circumvent this error but to no avail.
Then I decided to look more closely at the build version of Windows10 that I was using. This was version 1709, a very new version that was released on 17 October 2017. The Oracle version that I tried to install came from March 2017, which is earlier. So it might be that Windows10 was modified after that date which prevented a smooth installation.
As a second step, I decided to install Oracle on an old OS: I decided to use Windows 7, SP 1. This came from a date far before thhe release date of Oracle 12c vesrion 2 that I used. The installation went smoothly.
After that I tried another (earlier) Windows 10 version. I used build 1703 that was released on 11 April 2017. This also worked smoothly.

Problem solved.

The take is not to always install products on the most recent version of an OS. Consider take a slightly outdated version.