the Zachman framework

The Zachman framework is a nice example of so-called “IT Entreprise Architecture”. Such approach is directed at a comprehensive approach to the design, implementation and execution of IT strategy within an enterprise.
The Zachman framework has two dimensions.
The first dimension is the dimension of a party. Going from top to bottom,

  • we show the enterprise from an executive point of view, that sets the scope,
  • an owner view, that steers the daily business within the scope provided
  • an architectural view that provides a logical overview of the daily processes as defined above
  • the engineering view that translates a logical overview into something that can be built
  • the technical view that actually implements the strategy
  • the user perspective that uses above components

Next to that, we have a second dimensions that describes what items must be modelled.

We have:

  • “what”: identification of items
  • “how”: identification of processes
  • “where”: the geographical component
  • “who”: the division into roles and responsibilities
  • “when”: the division over time
  • “why”: the motivation why everything above is undertaken.

A nice overview is given here: Zachman Framework 3.0