Oracle OBIEE – My First Report

Recently, I created my first OBIEE report. To be honest, my biggest problem was to identify which tools to use. I might overlook the clues, but it took me quite some time before I could identify the important tools that I had to use. Finally, I understood that two important tools must be used: [1] the Oracle BI Administrator which allows us to create the objects that can be used to create the reports and [2] the internet page that must be used to modify the objects into a report.
Let us first discuss the Oracle BI Administrator.
This tool starts by inserting physical tables in the right columns. In my case, I inserted three tables: D1_LAND, D2_TIJD en F_FEITEN. I then dragged the tables to the business layer. There, I should be able to create the aggregations. After that I dragged the tables into the presentation layer.
The second tool is a page that links to the OBIEE environment. In my case After logging on, I see the items in the presentation layer that I just created. Dragging the attributes that I would like to analyse yields:

This is my starting point for further analysis.