How to find a file on Linux

There are zillions of small little Linux commands that make life easy. Those tiny little commands may save you hours of time and tons of frustration. Wheneever I look as the terminal of one of my colleagues, I discover yet another trick that they use to make life easy. May I present a little command from my side:

find / -name post*.* 2>/dev/null

This tiny little command help you to find a file. It starts with the command find. Its first parameter is the root from where to start. If you have nu clue where to look “/” might be a good idea as it is the root of the file system. Then we have parameter -name post*.*. This indicates that we use a name to fin d file, followed by the name. Wild card characters may be used such as the *. In this case, we are looking for a file that starts with post. Then “2>/dev/null” indicates that error messages are ignored. Otherwise, every map that provides no access generates an error message which precludes rapid analysis of the results.