Different codepages in SQL Server

It is possible in SQL Server to create columns in a table that have different codepage. This can be shown in the table below. That table has two attributes: char_unicode with a unicode codepage and char_latin that has a Latin codepage with West European characters only.


The char_latin cannot contain characters like ł, İ or the Φ. Such characters are not part of the Latin codepage as this codepage only contans characters that are in use in Western European languages. To store such characters, we might use the unicode codepage. Let us show how such characters are represented.


The column char_unicode shows the characters İ, Φ , И and the ł. In the columns char_latin, these characters are inserted in the column but (obviously) couldn’t be represented. It is interesting to see what happens: the İ is replaced by an I; a Φ is replaced by the F, the И is replaced by an unknown and ł is replaced by l.
This allows an easy logical translation from, say İstanbul into Istanbul. This is a very interesting property as we could easy store Polish, Turkish in local characters and store them in a logical understandable way if a Latin codepage is used. Nice.