Some Javascript to read XML

I know that lots and lots of possibilities exist whereby an XML file can be read. One set of possibilities is to use a Javascript. One then stores a script on the webserver that is processed by the web-browser. Upon processing, the XML file in read and can be stored in another format. A quick query provided me with three such scripts where an XML file is read and subsequently presented in an HTML file.
Below, I have included a link where three scripts are executed.

click here

If the reader would like to see the scripts, he could look at the source that can be read from the web browser itself. After all, the script must be read by the web browser as to execute it in the browser.
It is also nice to see that the scripts are interpreted differently by different web browser. The Internet Explorer will give another result as, say, the Chrome browser. This shows that the scripts are interpreted by the web browser and we have the consequences of different web browser and ensuing different results.