How to run a SAS job in a batch mode

I hope you recognise the situation. You have developed some SAS code (in Enterprise Guide, SAS Base Editor or DI Studio) and you would like to create a batch job from this. Huh? SAS seems to offer you only the possibility to run a job interactively.
However, it is possible to run a job in a batch mode. The first step to do is to create a file that contains the SAS code. Let us assume that this file is called “D:\tmaanen\Documents\prive\datavault\”. From the SAS helpfile we know that the command line to run this is: “”D:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.2\sas.exe” -SYSIN D:\tmaanen\Documents\prive\datavault\ -NOSPLASH -ICON -PRINT D:\tmaanen\Documents\prive\datavault\Link_Invoice_Order.lst -log D:\tmaanen\Documents\prive\datavault\Link_Invoice_Order.log”. We could create a batch file that contains this line and submit this form the commandline.