Use bteqwin as a Teradata client

I installed teradata recently. The installation was really straight forward. And as a bonus, you get tons of client tools. It is possible to use several clients to start your sql.
A popular tool is BTEQWIN. However, if you google on BTEQWIN, you get lots of questions that ask: how do I connect to the Teradata server. The answer is quite easy (but not very well documented).
If you use BTEQWIN on your server, you issue the command: .logon =tpid=/dbc. The tpid can be found in the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Most likely you will something like: localhost localtdcop1. Leave out the “cop1” and you have your tpid. In this case: .logon localtd/dbc. You get prompted for the password and you go.
If you use BTEQWIN on a client, the situation is slightly different: use .logon =server=/dbc. I just used the ip-address. This looks like: .logon I got prompted for the password and I started.

Strangely enough, I found it difficult to find a clue how to use the .logon command. Hum – now we know.